Early Vintage Computer Buses Have Their Influences On Your Computer Today

The term “expansion bus “is a frequent term in vintage computer terminology which requires elaboration. Much of the legacy of vintage bus systems are in our current computer systems today. To begin with the “expansion bus” is a data highway for computer data information to travel on: the bandwidth is in essence the number of lanes. The bigger the bandwidth the more data can be sent. As examples, an 8 megabyte bandwidth means that data can be sent in 8 bits chunks. Our current systems use between 32 bit and now 64 bit bandwidth. An expansion bus is where cards connect to the computer; Cards have an expansion edge, which fits snugly into the bus much like an electrical plug fits into a wall socket. When cards are plugged into the bus, they communicate with the system, sometimes through the BIOS and others not. (The BIOS is the basic input /output system that tells the computer how to move data from the different components.) The 8, 16 or 32 bit bandwidth is an important consideration due to communication time between the cards. For example you have a 16 bit vintage 286 PC and it is sending out data at 16 bits a: your video card is also 8 bits. If you have an older 8 bit bus, such as in early IBM PCs and clones, the bus will become a bottleneck in the system; it is like having a 4 lane highway connected to another 4 lane highway by way of a 1 lane road. At most times regardless of the faster 4 lane highway traffic will be slow – limited by the single lane connection road. There were basically 3 types of expansion bus available in vintage computers: ISA, MCA, EISA systems. Each early development in major ways paved the way for the later systems which indeed we take for granted today. This was both in terms of hardware and basic concepts in our computer systems and technology as well as computer marketing that we take for granted today as simple basic facts of life without any consideration due. Basically the newer buses offered increased performance over the older technology buses. The basic explanations of the buses are as follows: The 3 bus standards to note were Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) .Micro Channel Channel Architecture (MSA) and Extended Industry Standard (EISA) bus systems. Industry Standard Architecture (ISA). This was the original AT bus also called an ISA bus. It was the original 8 bit IBM PC bus which was bumped up to 16 bits at some point in its later development. Fine for a 16 bit 286 or very early 386 computers Micro Channel Architecture (MSA). This was an early 32 bit bus system which was not received well but set the stage for an industry consortium of the major non IBM computer manufacturers ( at the time referred to as “The Group of Nine) to develop the EISA standard bus. Extended Industry Standard Architecture (EISA). The EISA bus standard was a standard of its own right which was 32 bit, included bus mastering and importantly remained compatible with previous older expansion cards. 32 bit systems were first to incorporate in later 386 systems. The 486 line solidified and standardized the 32 bit systems in the established software of the day. Backward compatibility at the time was a novel new concept which has remained an important consideration in the computer industry. EISA slots would accommodate both the ISA and EISA expansion slots to allow hardware upgrades, However the EISA expansion boards would be of little advantage and would seldom work in the older ISA expansion slots. On the other hand the Micro Channel setup was not backward compatible. On the one hand the Micro Channel developers were free to initiate new radical changes in computer development and hardware which would have allowed for major new useful features in computer software. However owners of previous systems would have been left with then obsolete vintage useless hardware which would have been of no use and certainly little financial value. Hence there was a lot of resistance to the Micro Channel bus setup. It died a lingering death with its legacy living on in the aspirations of features offered in future developments and standards. Thus the die was set for future hardware standards and software function as well as standard computer marketing concepts that we take for granted like mother’s milk today.

Effortless, Spontaneous Party Planning With Atlanta Party Buses

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Rainbow Trout – Canada

Canada is known as offering some of the best angling in the world. Rainbow trout angling in Canada is no exception. Rainbow Trout – Canada One of the most delicious freshwater fish regularly caught by sport fishermen is the rainbow trout. While not the largest fish available in many lakes and rivers, the rainbow trout can still be a rewarding catch because of its prevalence as a game fish in most of the world. Rainbow trout angling Canada is a great trip to take – and one that makes for a memorable experience. Rainbow trout are scientifically known as Oncorhynchus mykiss. There are other common names for this fish, and they include steelhead and redband trout. Native to North America, they tend to reside in rivers west of the Rocky Mountains, as well as the Pacific Ocean and the Great Lakes. Rainbow trout are also native to some parts of east Asia – but they have been introduced artificially to every continent except for Antarctica. Rainbow trout are similar to salmon in that they return to their hatching grounds to spawn, and they are eaten in many different Western cuisines. Rainbow trout angling Canada offers sport fishermen many different locations to pursue this fish. Fly angling for rainbow trout can be found in many of the provinces, but one in particular is British Columbia. This west coast province offers salmon and char as well as rainbow trout, but in the area north of Vancouver, it’s especially known for the rainbows. The Quesnel Lake Watershed, which includes many different lakes and streams, holds tons of rainbow trout just waiting to be caught. Quesnel Lake was formed by glaciers during the ice age, and it is very deep – 2000 feet deep to be exact. It is 80 miles long, with over 360 miles of shoreline for great angling. Here, guided river angling can include both wading and boating into the lakes and rivers, and the angling season here takes place from May to November each year. Quesnel Lake is only reachable by airplane, making it the perfect secluded angling retreat. Choosing rainbow trout angling Canada over other types of fish means that you’ll have a unique experience different from the usual salmon and Northern Pike angling (though you’re welcome to do that too in this area). Rainbow trout, with their beautiful iridescence and use in food preparations make a great catch for any fisherman. The beautiful serene atmosphere of the Quesnel Lake area and the surrounding Caribou Mountains make this the perfect place to get in some serious rejuvenation time.

The Pleasure Of Hunting In Canada

Hunting has moved past the origins where it was the search for food only, as today it is a major sport and the competition can be fierce. There are few places on the planet to hunt that are better than Canada. The proof positive of this is the number of trophies and world records that are broken in this land every year. There is truly some great hunting to be found in this wonderful country. The best thing about Canada is that there are still massive amounts of untouched acreage to be used as prime hunting grounds. Primitive cabins located deep in the woods with a lake and so on are very popular with the hunting parties from the US. In these cabins you can find solace in the fact that just outside there is prime hunting to be found right outside the door. No more do you have to spend long hours driving to reach the site for the hunt. Some of the finest trophies have been taken at these secluded areas making them highly sought after. The game is the best thing about Canada. Because of the climate Canada features many species of game that are not found in other parts of North America. The larger species, such as moose and elk are found all over the country, which makes for some prime hunts. The danger factor when seeking out the moose is part of the excitement and the larger the specimen the better it is. There is also the hunting laws that should be considered. Unlike other parts of the world, the Canadian hunting laws are rather laid back and much more relaxed than that of the US. The Canadian government is tapped in too the fact that hunting is an effective method of population control when it comes to the species that are actively hunted. When the population of a certain species gets out of control it can then pose a serious threat to human life. So the government in Canada allows for more animals to be taken in order to protect the people that live in certain areas. There is a definite pleasure to hunting in Canada. The bears that live in Canada are by far larger than that of the other areas in the world. This is why so many people are flocking to the country to hunt some of the bears that are living there. The bear population exploded in the last few decades and the number of bear attacks increased many times over. When this started happening, the government opened hunting on many of the species that were at one time protected from being hunted. If you are looking for some of the best hunting in the world you should certainly take the time to go to Canada. There is nothing that you can not do when it comes to hunting for all of your favorite species. The hunting in Canada is among the best in the world. Just be sure to take the time to get all of the license and permits that you will need. There are stiff penalties for those that try to poach.

Holiday Rentals In Canada

If you’re planning a trip to Canada, you should visit the country’s great capital city, Ottawa. It is a city rich in history and has a wealth of attractions, activities and entertainments to suit everyone. Whether you want to take a short break or a longer vacation, you will enjoy Ottawa and all that it has to offer! There are numerous museums to visit, such as the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canadian War Museum, National Gallery of Canada, Canada Agriculture Museum, Canada Aviation Museum, Canada Science and Technology Museum, Billings Estate Museum, Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada, Royal Canadian Mint, Canadian Museum of Nature and Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. So there’s something to interest all tastes. If you want to make the most of your visit to Ottawa, there are various tours available. You can go on walking tours, cruises and bus tours. What’s more, you can even take an Amphibus sightseeing tour of the city, and see Ottawa from both the land and the water! Ottawa has many parks and open spaces where you can unwind and take a break from all the sightseeing, maybe enjoy a picnic or take the kids to play. There are lots of opportunities in the area if you want to get out in the great outdoors during your holiday. There are plenty of sporting facilities and activities that you can do, including rafting trips on the Ottawa River, cycling, golf and swimming. And if you happen to be in Ottawa during the winter, you’ll be able to go ice skating on The Rideau Canal, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site! Ottawa also has many child-friendly attractions, so it’s an ideal destination to take all the family on holiday. The kids will love Saunders Farm, Laser Quest (one which the adults will also appreciate!), Midway Family Fun Park, Pirate Adventures and Valleyview Little Animal Farm. So there’s plenty to keep the youngsters entertained in Ottawa! The city also has a great selection of restaurants to suit all tastes. There’s somewhere for just about everyone to dine here, whether you’re looking for a high-class restaurant or a take-away. Ottawa is also a shopper’s paradise! It has a wealth of shopping centres as well as other stores. While you’re in the city, try to visit the historic ByWard Market Square, where you will find a wide variety of items on sale. Here you will be able to buy bread, delicious chocolate, Indian food and spices, jewellery and a whole lot more! And if you’re looking for a good night out, you need look no further than Ottawa. Having enjoyed what the city has to offer by day, why not also take the opportunity to sample some of the nightlife here? There are various nightclubs and bars etc where you can have a fun evening out. Ottawa is an ideal Canadian holiday destination for everyone. Whether you’re planning a fun-filled family vacation, a sightseeing holiday or just a relaxing break, Ottawa has it all!